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Uhondo inaanza pale ghetto with Tito and Sanchez pale kwa base. Sanchez tells Tito to be serious so that people can respect him. Tito tells him that he wants to leave the hood so that people can respect him. He makes a call and tells Sanchez he needs to leave.

Shantel is at her room arranging her things. Sanchez comes to visit her looking at every side to see if someone is looking at him. He starts thinking that Shantel has started being nice towards him all over a sudden. He however decides to knock at Shantel’s door. Takes some chewing gum to freshen up his breathe. Shantel opens up the door for him. He comes in and finds Shantel has already cooked something delicious for him. He tells Shantel that she is romantic. Shantel tells him that she will take care of his needs. They sit on the chair and start talking. Shantel starts touching him and this turns him on.

Sanchez asks Shantel whether she is just playing around with him the way she played with Tito. Shantel tells him that she wasn’t dating Tito and just wanted to host him and help him with her goodies for a few days. Shantel tells Sanchez that she wants to make up to him and make him happy with her kuma. Shantel takes her to her bedroom. They get into the bedroom and find Sanchez’s wife in Sanchez’s house. It seems that Shantel just set up Sanchez. Sanchez tries to bembeleza his wife but the wife doesn’t want anything to do with Sanchez. His wife runs away and Sanchez remains there. He picks up his shoes and goes back to confront Shantel.

Shantel has already left the house and run away. Sanchez ako na hasira ya kuua mtu but Shantel is nowhere to be seen.

Junior is playing with Jeff at the mansion. Trisha comes from the house rushing towards the gate. Junior asks her where she is going. Trisha tells Junior that she has to take care of some things. She refuses to tag along with Junior. This must be one of her fishy deals.

Shantel is already at the hotel waiting for Junior but it is Trisha coming to deal with her. She sits down and starts waiting. She makes a call and Trisha comes to the room. Trisha sits opposite Shantel and starts looking at her. Shantel makes a call but no one is picking up. She sits there taking some tea. Trisha was waiting for Becky but she just realized that Shantel is her girl. Shantel pays her bill and leaves. Trisha tries to hide from her. Shantel walks out of the hotel room.

Part 2 inaanza pale kwa mansion. Jeff and Junior are still having fun at the sitting room. They decide to go back outside to play. In the kitchen, Moh and Becky talk about Jeff. Becky tells her that it is better for Jeff to stay at the mansion because she doesn’t want him to see Tito sleeping at her door. Becky tells Moh that Shantel doesn’t feel good that they are doing better than her and that is why she is trying to bring them down.

Martha finds them and asks Becky how she is doing. Becky tells her that she is doing great. Junior joins them in the kitchen and tells them that they have a visitor outside and they have to come and see for themselves. Martha follows Junior outside and Moh pulls Becky to come and join them.

They walk outside and find Tito with his lawyer. The lawyer tells them that they have come to summon Junior for a court hearing for a hit and run. Martha asks Tito whether he is Becky’s boyfriend. Becky says that he is her ex-boyfriend. Martha apologizes to Tito and takes him that they need to meet in court. She tears the court order and tells Tito that it is nonsense. She tells Tito that she is not easily threatened. She and Junior walk back inside.

Moh rushes to Tito and tells him that he is stupid and could have dealt with him if Martha wasn’t around. Tito tells them that he needs the money to start his life afresh. Becky takes Jeff and they get back into the house with Moh. Tito remain outside with his lawyer.

Inside the house, Martha tells Junior that there is no way Tito can come to the house and threaten her. Martha calls Becky and tells her that they have been planning everything with Tito. Martha gets angry and tries to beat up Becky but Junior stops her from doing so.

Shantel comes back lamenting about Junior for making her a fool. But Sanchez attacks her and tells her that he is not Tito and he will deal with her. Shantel tells him that he started it when he turned Tito against her. Sanchez tells Shantel that he will deal with her. Shantel continues quarrelling. She walks inside the house and leaves Sanchez outside. Sanchez walks away. Shantel amebaki kwa nyumba akipitia messages.

She is just wondering why Junior has not answered any of her calls. Trisha comes inside the house and Shantel gets shocked. Shantel doesn’t believe that Trisha found her home. Trisha asks Shantel where she would like to die. She tells her that messing up with people’s husbands has got repercussions and she must pay. Trisha asks Shantel to stay away from Junior or she will face the music. Shantel gets threatened and promises Trisha not to get any close to Junior anymore. Trisha starts removing her shirt to deal with Shantel. Shantel is trembling like a wet cat. Trisha locks the door and remains with Shantel in the house.

At the mansion, Junior protects Becky and tells Martha that Becky is innocent. Na pale kwa ghetto, Trish deals with Trisha mercilessly. Shantel tells her that Junior Wanted to know more about Becky and Tito. Trisha continues beating her up. She stops when Shantel tells her that Junior and Becky know each other from school. Shantel tells Trisha that Becky and Junior used to date back in school and they are still dating. Shantel tells Trisha that Becky dropped out of school because of pregnancy. Trisha is shocked to hear that Jeff is Junior and Becky’s son. Hapa kumeharibika.

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